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Business Law

The laws that apply to business in the state of Pennsylvania can be complicated. Regardless of whether you are starting a new business or you have been operating for years, you need to understand and comply with all of these laws to avoid problems. To protect your company and your livelihood, you need an experienced business attorney like Kelvin L. Morris on your side.

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Criminal Defense

Being accused of a crime can be a life altering event, it is essential that you select the right attorney to represent you. Whether it is a summary offense, misdemeanor or felony, Attorney Kelvin L. Morris is able to provide aggressive representation to ensure your rights are protected.

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DUI Defense

If you have been accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you face a variety of harsh criminal penalties, including the possibility of time behind bars. However, with the assistance of the right DUI defense attorney, it may be possible to have your sentence reduced, or to have the charges dropped altogether. Look to the Law Office of Kelvin L. Morris for the respectful counsel and the zealous representation you need during this difficult time.

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Family Law

Pennsylvania Family Law covers a broad area of law practice, such as family structure issues like marriage, divorce and adoption, plus other matters of concern, including abuse and domestic violence. As society changes, new laws have been added that deal with rights, relationships and same-sex partnerships. For concerns or disputes that are regulated by Family Law, people in western Pennsylvania get the legal direction they need at the Law Office of Kelvin L. Morris, located in Pittsburg, PA.

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Personal Injury

When you or someone you love is injured in an accident that could have been prevented, you may be entitled to compensation from the responsible party. While car accidents are common, this does not mean that as a victim you should have to shoulder the financial liability when someone causes the accident. In addition, under Pennsylvania law, property owners have a responsibility to ensure visitors to their property are safe.

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