What You Can Expect in a Child Custody Dispute

A lawyer experienced in child custody can ensure that you get a custody arrangement that is in the best interest of your child. With the involvement of children, it is imperative that you obtain a knowledgeable and experienced attorney. Family strife can be stressful and particularly tense, but Attorney Kelvin L. Morris will petition the court on your behalf, placing emphasis on what to anticipate throughout every legal proceeding.  An issue of this magnitude does not have to be overwhelming and convoluted.

Once a custody petition is filed, an interim custody order may be presented to the judge.  It’s important to Attorney Morris to maintain stability and adhere to a child’s routine while a long-term custody agreement is reached. When communicating with the opposing council or self-representing parent, Attorney Morris will keep you constantly informed and prepared. As his client, you will never be left in the dark or with unanswered questions.

Attorney Morris makes himself available outside of working hours and is willing to provide guidance when emergencies arise or circumstances change. If a troubling circumstance comes up, Attorney Morris is incredibly accessible and sympathizes with how unpredictable life can be. As Attorney Morris is known to say, “Your Emergency Is My Priority.”

Probation Violations: What You Need to Know

Kelvin has extensive experience representing clients that have failed to comply with the terms of their probation. Uniquely enough, Kelvin has dealt with this occurrence as both a probation officer, and now as an attorney. If you or a loved one is faced with violating probation, Kelvin is well versed with the ins and outs of fighting these issues.

Having served as a probation officer for three years, Kelvin has significant experience with the intricacies of the criminal justice system. He was previously responsible for overseeing a variety of offenders who were faced with either technical or direct violations. Kelvin’s prior experience as a probation officer gives him a unique and unparalleled perspective when it comes to seeking the best outcome for clients. He understands the workload of a probation officer and the complex relationships that they manage with the offenders they supervise. Because of this, Kelvin can effectively communicate and negotiate with probation officers. He relates to their point of view and reasons with them in a way that other attorney’s may not be able to. Kelvin knows what to anticipate and engages with judges so that a case will be addressed in a timely manner.

Most importantly, Kelvin wants to see his clients succeed and is interested in being of the utmost support to their family and loved ones. Whether working for a juvenile or an adult offender, Kelvin understands that probation violations need to be resolved speedily.

If you or a family member is seeking representation, Kelvin will work to make the process bearable and expedient.

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