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Dedicated Professional

Kelvin was careful to make me feel as though my case was a priority, despite his busy schedule. He was well prepared for every meeting and trial. Additionally, Kelvin is detail oriented and passionate about a positive outcome for his clients. A sincere thank you to Kelvin for all of his help with my case!

- (5 star review)

Simple Excellence

I recently hired Kelvin Morris for an insurance case. Throughout the process, Kelvin was professional, courteous, and reassuring. The end result was more than satisfactory — he settled a great deal before the preliminary trial. Will definitely hire Kelvin in the future.

- (5 star review)

Kelvin L. Morris is Amazing!
Mr. Kelvin L. Morris is an absolute God sent!

I had a particularly ugly case that just kept getting uglier. Now, when I say Kelvin held the light at the end of the tunnel, I truly mean it.
I went into his office fidgeting with nerves just looking down at my paperwork and saw a really nice pair of shoes walk by. Now, I’m a hairdresser, and if it’s one thing I know, it’s that if a guy has good taste in shoes he knows what he’s doing. So I thought to myself, “man, I really hope that’s my lawyer.” Sure enough, Kelvin called me back and we went through the explanation of my situation.
Not only did he reassure me that he is extremely capable of doing his job, but he followed through. There wasn’t a moment in my case where I didn’t know exactly what was going on, where my money was going, and how hard Kelvin was working.
He will fight with everything he’s got to get you what you’re working towards! He will give you the confidence and peace of mind that we all know is hard to find when legal matters come in to play. Most importantly, Kelvin will get the job done.
I 110% recommend Mr. Morris to anyone out there who’s looking for a genuinely hard working man who going to fight as hard as you are for what’s best.

- (5 star review)

Emergency Custody

Mr. Morris was very helpful throughout this process for me and my family. He filed a motion for my daughter to be immediately returned home. The motion was granted! He answered all of my calls and my annoying worries mom questions. My daughter was returned home the same day the motion was granted!!!

- (5 star review)

I couldn’t have asked for more

When the process began, Kelvin asked me what was the outcome I was hoping for and what I told him, Kelvin made happen. I’m very pleased with the service Kelvin provided for me

- (5 star review)

ARD – Revolked

I hired Kelvin for my son’s previous case where he did an outstanding job in getting his charges dropped from felonies to misdemeanors an an on probation for 2 yrs now that he occurred these new charges they have revoked his ARD so I called up Kelvin once again an he graciously took on the case with no additional probation just a small fine my son was pretty happy about that so if your looking to hire a good Criminal Defense Attorney Kelvin Morris is very good and will work with you any way you need him to.

- (4 star review)

The right choice

He was not only helpful he went above and beyind to get the evidence he needed to help my case. He met with me contiuiously and called me all the time to make sure we were on the same page. He truely made a difference in my case and changed my thinking on lawyers.

- (5 star review)

He will help

Throughout the whole process of my case he kept me hopefully. Highly recommended

- (5 star review)

Child support

I had 20 days to get papers filed to the courthouse, he began to research my case the moment I left his office. Always answering the phone when I call and if he was not avavilable, my call was returned within the same day. He make sure that you understand what is going on with the case and explains every detail to you. I was never dissappointed with the results.

- (5 star review)

Great Advice

One thing I can really say about Mr. Morris is that he is very flexible with his availability. I had questions answered, peace of mind, and a game plan at a late hour in the night, and it really means a lot when someone who knows what you have at stake really takes you as a priority. He was also extremely knowledgeable about what he was saying and had a confidence in his practice that speaks for itself when you’re looking for a a professional. His rates were very reasonsable as well for his number of years at work. I would highly reccomend him.

- (5 star review)

Best lawyer that u need to know about

He was on time, and in my case gave me great advice and help me understand the worse and best case scenario.Very professional and even after my case calls and check up on me to see how I’m doing…I would recommend him for anyone who wants a great attorney with valuable knowledge…..5 stars in my book

- (5 star review)


Attorney Kelvin Morris is a very kind professional and compassionate person. I never had to hire an attorney before So It was a little intimidating for me at first. But attorney Kelvin Morris made me and my family feel very comfortable & relaxed as he showed that he truly cared about helping us in our situation. He’s showes loyalty & determination to go above & beyond to see that justice is served in your case. If your looking for an Attorney who is committed to you and also works within your means He is the attorney for you. I am very pleased with his services and I will continue to use him in the near future. And would recommend others to him.

- (5 star review)

Excellent and Personable

Attorney Morris represented our family in a small criminal mischief case, in which we were the victims. He helped us overview the case, explored our options, predicted the opposition’s options, and expounded with great clarity the preparatory work we needed to provide. Alongside his preparations as well, we won the case fully, and the judge awarded us with everything we sought after. Under Attorney Morris’ representation, we felt not only confident, safe, and informed, but also as if he whole heatedly had our best interest in mind, and looked after my family.

- (5 star review)

Review for Mr. Morris

Mr. Morris was punctual on the day of the hearing. He showed good communication by reaching out to me weeks before the court date so we both could be prepared for the day of the hearing

- (5 star review)

Win-Win! Court Avoided

What can I say? When I thought all hope was gone Mr. Morris worked with me to come up with agreement that satisfied both myself and the landlord. After 10 years of renting I decided to buy a home. After a verbal agreement to go month to month the landlord changes her mind and decides to evict me. At this time I read the lease closely and discovered some harsh guidelines, double rent and a $30 a day late fee. When the lease ended April 30th I paid the rent for May and the landlord assessed me a $30 a day late fee because I didn’t pay double rent. After researching the law and finding case law Mr. Morris shared the pros and cons of going to court. Although he believed we had a solid case we agreed it better to settle out of court. Mr. Morris spoke to the landlord multiple times to come up with an agreement we were both satisfied with. The agreement was signed and court was avoided. I am now a home owner and no longer have to deal with fickle landlords. Thanks for your work and personal attention in this matter.

- (5 star review)

Attorney Kelvin L. Morris

Attorney Kelvin L. Morris represented me in a probation violation gag 2. Facing at least 90 days plus in the Allegheny County jail, Attorney Morris successfully worked with the courts to have me reenlisted in a 90 day halfway house with work release. He established this deal without me having to face and answer questions from the judge. Mr. Morris is prompt in contacting you and makes you feel as if you’re his only client. I’m lawyered up for life with this man as you should be too.

- (5 star review)

Best Attorney

Attorney Kelvin Morris is an outstanding attorney! He helped my family through a very tough time and we are more than satisfied with the outcome. He shed light on the dark areas of the law that we did not understan. If you’re looking for a dedicated, hardworking and trustworthy attorney KELVIN IS YOUR GUY!!

- (5 star review)

Excellent attorney

Kelvin was a great lawyer very professional and respectful to me and the court. He knew exactly what was going on and was very helpful to me and my case if I would ever need an attorney again I wouldn’t hesitate to call kelvin again

- (5 star review)

Forever Thankful!!

A couple of months ago my pay was garnished, which was very upsetting to me and left me wondering what I’m I going to do? How I’m I going to survive this, I don’t have any money to spare, every penny I make is accounted for!

I didn’t know what to do so I reached out to Mr. Kelvin L. Morris. I was all over the place because I didn’t know where to begin. Mr. Morris was very professional from the start of the conversation, He listen to me, he was very kind and patient with me. He made me feel like my situation matter, like it was the most important thing on his plate at that moment, but most of all he made me believe that everything was going to workout and that I was going to be okay.

Although what I needed help with wasn’t in Mr. Morris field, he still took time out of his schedule to find me a group of Lawyers who specialized in garnishing to help me! As of today everything is working out and I’m going to be okay just like Mr Morris said I would. Thank you so much Mr. Morris for going above and beyond to help me find peace at the time when I felt I was falling a part. I thank God for crossing our path, thanks again!

- (5 star review)

Great lawyer

He was very informative when I asked questions. He also made the process of the court go smooth. He got me the best outcome I could get in my situation . will definitely be my lawyer if any further problems occur.

- (5 star review)

Excellent Experience!

Attorney Morris was a pleasure to work with, he took the time to review my contract, provided thorough comments and was professional at all times. His findings were extremely helpful and enabled me to negotiate the best possible deal for my company. Throughout the process any time I had a question he was able to explain things more in depth so I fully understood the legal agreement he was reviewing. He quoted a length of time the review should take and he completed it prior to that.

- (5 star review)

Best possible outcome

I am a cyclist who was cited for disorderly conduct when I was assaulted by a reckless motorist. Kelvin Morris went beyond the call of duty to help me find a positive resolution, not just in the courtroom, but in the larger community as well. He advocated on my behalf to help avoid the possibility of expensive fines and a criminal record, but he has also helped me make a positive connection with the police department where I ride my bicycle every day, which gives me hope that my rights will be respected in the future. I feel strongly that I got the justice that I was seeking, in addition to the legal result that I had hoped for.

I do and will continue to recommend Kelvin Morris to anyone who needs a good lawyer. He is curious, smart, and shows genuine concern. In my case, Mr Morris took the time to learn about bicycle related traffic law, which is not his normal area of practice. Above all, my attorney kept my best interests as his priority, and he got the results I was looking for.

- (5 star review)

Extremely helpful and professional

I’ve used Kelvin as my attorney in several different occasions and he has always been able to satisfy my requests in court. Kelvin has saved me from a great deal of inconvenience in my life. If you’re interested in quality, knowledgeable, professional and successful representation in court, Kelvin Morris is your man.

- (5 star review)

Saving Grace!

I am not usually one to do a review, but I feel like I have to say how thankful I am for Kelvin Morris!

In December I was pulled over for going 73mph in a 45mph zone. I knew I was in the wrong and had no excuse other than I was running late for work.

When I got the ticket, I knew in the back of my mind that this is my 2nd ticket within a year and I was terrified of the fine or worse, losing my license! I didn’t know what to do!

When I got the letter in mail, I ignored it at first. However, I talked with a few people and they said in my situation I needed to try and fight it.

So I called Mr. Morris’ firm and from the beginning he calmed me down and said not to panic. Long story, short he explained that I did not have to go to court and he took time to answer all of my “what if” questions.

So when my court date came, naturally I was a nervous wreck! But around 11:30am, my phone rang and it was Mr. Morris with the best news ever! He said my fine was REDUCED and there were NO POINTS on my record!
Needless to say, I have learned my lesson! I am just so happy that I didn’t just pay the fine and take my chances.

I would recommend him to everyone! If you need a dependable lawyer that won’t confuse you and is AFFORDABLE, call the Law Office of Kelvin L. Morris!

- (5 star review)

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